Our mission

It is our mission to be a high quality provider of in-depth equity- and market research to corporate- and private clients in order to aid their decision making.
Our research framework incorporates all the essential information companies and private investors require in order to make informed business decisions. 
Based upon a strong emphasis on market research with quantitive scrutiny, Indep Research offers an extensive and alternative approach to equity‐ and market research.
Indep Research: In-depth corporate research


Indep Research offers a specially tailored research package for companies in a range of different sectors.
Clients typically opt for a degree of control of the distribution of our equity research, and such demands are well met by us in the form of INDEP QU: Distribution License.

Clients also request exclusive, tailor-made market research on specific sectors of the company’s areas of business. Such demands are well met by INDEP SMR (Special Market Research).

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